Hautes Grecians // Success made from scratch

The first ever haute-couture fashion show exclusively dedicated to Greek designers was entrusted in the hands of our expert team, where it was turned into a virtual and media success story. Over 800 influencers from the fields of fashion, art, and the business world, created a mixed, diverse and fascinating crowd that would evaluate the endeavor with a sharp and practiced eye, giving it the thumbs up. No other site would be more fitting, than the Niarchos Foundation grounds, the city’s jewel. The show was a smash hit, and guests such as Vogue Runway’s Tiziana Cardini, who came to Greece exclusively for the event, had the chance to indulge in the collections that the five greek designers created solely for the night. The planning and executing of this event is a success story that our PR firm has repeated three times so far, with unique and exciting results each time.