Häagen-Dazs // Turning ice-cream into a hot item

Handling the mega-brand’s account for three years (from 2013-2015), our quest was to turn ice cream into a fashion item. How? With PR planning that included above and below the line activities, event planning (opening and sponsoring events), special distribution, sponsoring, influencer and blogger endorsements. Vicky Kaya was the household name to support the new fashion profile of the brand, while HD reached its ideal customers through our special distribution to celebrities and elegant boats in the Flisvos Marina. Vicky hosted an opening party for the HD café in Mykonos, and, as ambassadress of the brand, she celebrated her student’s graduation from The Fashion Workshop By Vicky Kaya in a super urban party where Häagen-Dazs ice cream was a protagonist. Another Häagen-Dazs Café was celebrated with a grad opening in the island of Spetses in 2015, under the magical wand of our team’s collective work. A fashion show @ the Hilton for three new designers, the collection «Marianna G Exclusive Swimwear 2013» and the MC blog awards 2014, where the participants made mini stories for the brand created the perfect fashion forward setting for the ice cream to become a haute name! To top it all off, Davlas and PaRtners organised a special fashion shoot inspired by the color palette of the brand and its motto «Nothing to Hide».