Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet //Reaching the right market

A top brand in the field of haute craftsmanship, Audemars Piguet, the oldest to date manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches, still run by the two families that founded the company in 1875, have entrusted our services in their quest to become wider known to professionals with a knack for luxury. Davlas & PaRtners have delivered recognition, and, further more, authentic appretiation through Media Planning & Media Buying (digital & press), Media Relations, Events Management and Production, Marketing Consulting. Custom-made events in which the brand has the opportunity to be exposed to a circle of consumers that is an actual target group and participation in exclusive events such as Sunseeker Hellas Owner’s Cruise 2018 are the fine tunning moves that have enhanced the brand’s footprint in the local market.


Marianna G

Marianna G//A social media smash hit

Marking the first-ever event in which the A-list of the international influencers scene flooded the country, in May 2013, the first international launch event for the Marianna G Swimwear Collection, together with an impressive, star-studded fashion show, was perfectly organized by Davlas & Partners. Chiara Ferragni, Jessica May Stein, Miguel Carrizo, Gala Gonzalez are some of the household names that enjoyed our tailor-made approach to such mega-events, where we handled everything from Event Management, Media Relations and Vip Handling, to Influencers Handling, Brand Promotion, Bloggers’ Interviews, and the Press Office. Besides making sure the 400 guests from the fashion and business world had a great time, our office handled every aspect of the Fashion Show together with its creative direction, offering us the chance to present the holistic approach we are well known for. Of course, the event became a social media hit through the bloggers and influencers that happily posted about it, but it also received extensive print and online publicity, reaching a total of 51 articles!

Saucony Originals

Saucony Originals// Touching a wider audience

Named after the Saucony river in Kuztown, Pennsylvania, the brand was founded back in 1898. Even though it has since made its mark as a leader in the field of running shoes, a wider audience was missing the link. Saucony approached us with one wish: To organize an event that would present the SS18 collection, while creating a fresh and contemporary buzz that would reach out to influencers and lifestyle outlets. What would be more appropriate than an eighties-inspired cocktail party filled with happy party people trying on the new collection while sipping on some signature drinks? The event turned out to be a huge success, with influencers such as journalists, stylists, fashion editors, bloggers, actors, models, athletes and singers covering all aspects of contemporary lifestyle. Result? Instagram sky-rocketed brand awareness to new, unseen heights.



TOMS//Spreading the good word

During Blake Mycoskie’s visit to Greece, we were entrusted with events and media coverage, aiming to spread the word of his incredible mission, and turning the brand into a top of mind choice in the local market. We created a communications plan involving a Press Event at the Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya, while a speech by Mr. Mycoskie was hosted at the Benaki Museum, under the title: «Enterpreneurship and philantropy». True to the brand’s philosophy, all proceedings from the event were donated to the NGO «Together for the children». The packed museum was filled with highly interested attendants, Mycoskie met with several representatives of the press in various venues including the theater of Herodes Atticus, and the whole affair was met with plenty of air time in a plethora of successful TV shows.



Häagen-Dazs // Turning ice-cream into a hot item

Handling the mega-brand’s account for three years (from 2013-2015), our quest was to turn ice cream into a fashion item. How? With PR planning that included above and below the line activities, event planning (opening and sponsoring events), special distribution, sponsoring, influencer and blogger endorsements. Vicky Kaya was the household name to support the new fashion profile of the brand, while HD reached its ideal customers through our special distribution to celebrities and elegant boats in the Flisvos Marina. Vicky hosted an opening party for the HD café in Mykonos, and, as ambassadress of the brand, she celebrated her student’s graduation from The Fashion Workshop By Vicky Kaya in a super urban party where Häagen-Dazs ice cream was a protagonist. Another Häagen-Dazs Café was celebrated with a grad opening in the island of Spetses in 2015, under the magical wand of our team’s collective work. A fashion show @ the Hilton for three new designers, the collection «Marianna G Exclusive Swimwear 2013» and the MC blog awards 2014, where the participants made mini stories for the brand created the perfect fashion forward setting for the ice cream to become a haute name! To top it all off, Davlas and PaRtners organised a special fashion shoot inspired by the color palette of the brand and its motto «Nothing to Hide».



Twinset// Fashion forward footprint

A delicious cocktail party completing a thrilling fashion show where the bold Italian brand presented its FW 2017-18 collection was he best opening for the first ever, in Greece, TWINSET store in Golden Hall. We made it all happen, dressing the country’s top influencers with TWINSET, head to toe: Fashion bloggers @Shoprano (Chrysianna Andriopoulou), nansoumou(Nancy Spathi), (@gi_smargeor (Gina Smarianaki) and Myrto Kazi (@Myrto_kazi), and the acctress Tonia Sotiropoulou (@toniasotiropoulou), all looked stunning in TWINSET. This was the best and fastest way to show that the brand is a fashionista favorite! In addition, our team created a special editorial story for the December issue of Madame Figaro Greece, photographed on location in the new boutique, with fashion bloggers acting as our models. Blogger engagement was so big that the buzz created in lifestyle and fashion magazines and social media was tremendous.


Hautes Grecians

Hautes Grecians // Success made from scratch

The first ever haute-couture fashion show exclusively dedicated to Greek designers was entrusted in the hands of our expert team, where it was turned into a virtual and media success story. Over 800 influencers from the fields of fashion, art, and the business world, created a mixed, diverse and fascinating crowd that would evaluate the endeavor with a sharp and practiced eye, giving it the thumbs up. No other site would be more fitting, than the Niarchos Foundation grounds, the city’s jewel. The show was a smash hit, and guests such as Vogue Runway’s Tiziana Cardini, who came to Greece exclusively for the event, had the chance to indulge in the collections that the five greek designers created solely for the night. The planning and executing of this event is a success story that our PR firm has repeated three times so far, with unique and exciting results each time.



MADWALK// Run the show like a pro

The biggest and brightest festival celebrating music and fashion has been taking place for eight consecutive years, featuring all the A-listers from both scenes fusing them into one big party. For two years in a row, 2017 and 2018, Davlas & PaRtners ran the show with the outmost efficiency, bringing everything to a perfect coordination, making it seem effortless and natural, even though an event of such caliber can actually linger on the verge many times during the evening. Such a large number of talents and an even larger number of top attendants take a lot of experience and cool blooded skills to bring to a magnificent end result, celebrated in all the media. And we did it!


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